Tania Allen to appear at NAHREP Success Summit in Atlanta.

Dateline: Thursday Oct 25, 2018.

ItGresa CEO, Tania Allen, will appear at the National Association of Realtors’ 4th Annual Success Summit.   Tania will appear as a panelist to talk about how she achieved success and to discuss “How to become your own MVP” with other panelists.  From humble beginnings in Venezuela, Tania achieved degrees in Nursing, Information Technology, Digital Engineering, and a Cybersecurity Certificate from Georgia Tech.  She has since gone on to become CEO of ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc.  ItGresa is an IT consulting company focusing on Training and Education, Web Design, Social Media, Network Design and Implementation, and Cybersecurity.  Tania believes in the power of education and technology to transform lives, and that you can transform yourself if you believe in yourself and work hard to achieve.

Tania and her husband give back to the community by training students in Robotics and STEM, and by emphasizing the idea that engineering is for everyone– including underserved communities.  As a girl, Tania’s mother often had to decide if she was going to buy uniforms for the children so they could attend school, or feed the family– she couldn’t afford both.  As an adult, as a woman in a male-dominated profession, in male-dominated Industry, and in a male-dominated country, Tania’s experience in Venezuela proves that success is very possible despite the odds and  naysayers.


Life is the only place where you get to define your own victory conditions.  Whether it’s being a great family leader, a great CEO, a super successful sales person, a community activist and leader, whatever–  you get to decide.  No one can define your own success but you.

NAHREP’s Success Summits help all attendees to recognize critical success factors and to become their own “MVP.”  You are your own Most Valuable Player in the game of life.  Recognizing that, and building your skills and your desire to achieving those life goals are keys to success.

Join us at Suntrust Park on Oct. 25 as the panelists explore what it means to be successful and how they achieved their own success.  Be inspired to make yourself your own best player.


Empowering a community

The Latin community is warm, welcoming, connected, and powerful.  We can make a major contribution to the country and the world.  We need to diversify our reach.  The future is about new technologies and new ways of working and learning.  We need to empower our community to dream new dreams and start to fill the massive talent gaps of this new century.   –Tania Allen

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