Symptom Fix
tinyESC LED is blinking slowly.
One Motor turning the wrong direction. This can have multiple causes.
  • Most likely is a polarity problem on single motor. Refer back to the instructions on wiring your bot:
  • Validate that the RIGHT motor (motor on the right side with the bot’s front facing away from you.) has the PURPLE wire connected to the lug with the RED dot.
  • Validate that the LEFT motor (motor on the left side with the bot’s front facing away from you.) has the BLUE wire connected to the lug with the RED dot.
  • If you find incorrect wiring, swap the blue/purple motor wires to the motor’s correct leads.
Bot is not driving correctly per the controls. Various symptoms: driving backwards when the control is forwards, turning right when should be turning left, diagonal control drives the bot forward, etc. This is usually one of three main things:
  • Motor polarity wiring is incorrect.
  • tinyESCs are plugged into the receiver in the wrong channels
  • The transmitter is programmed incompatibly with the wiring or not programmed.
Try these steps to troubleshoot:
  • If moving the right stick diagonally up to the right moves the bot forward, and diagonally down to the left moves the bot backward, while diagonally up to the left and diagonally down to the right causes the bot to turn, your transmitter most likely has a programming problem. This can be a symptom of an unmixed signal.
  • First, completely validate your wiring:
    1. RIGHT motor: PURPLE wire to RED dot.
    2. LEFT motor: BLUE wire to RED dot.
    3. RIGHT tinyESC to “CH1” on receiver.
    4. LEFT tiny ESC to “CH2” on receiver.
  • In general, correcting the wiring will correct the issues most of the time.
One motor turning more slowly than the other, motor turning intermittently, robot wants to veer to one direction
  • Check to make sure wheel is not binding against the chassis. Loosen the twist hub set screw and move the twist hub slightly further out from the chassis, then re-tighten. 1/8″ to 1/4″ from the chassis is good.
Motor spins slowly when not holding transmitter stick.
  • Adjust the transmitter’s trim lever for the corresponding channel.
No response with robot switched ON. Receiver might blink only once when powered ON.
  • Are tinyESCs plugged into the receiver backwards? Brown wires should be towards edge of receiver.
  • Make sure the bind plug is out of the receiver.
  • Try re-binding the receiver to the transmitter.
Batteries getting hot.
  • Make sure no red/black leads are connected to each other. This would create a short circuit.
Wiring the Viper - full wiring diagram
Viper wiring - basic orientation.
Fingertech Viper motor wiring diagram.
Viper receiver wiring diagram

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