You Need a Website!

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and enterprises need a presence on the web.  ItGresa can build one for you!


Gorgeous Design

Sleek, elegant, modern website design, and a site that looks clean and professional.  Customized for you.

Hosting and Maintenance

Included in the first year’s pricing.  Very competitive after year 1.


Looks professional on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Website Package Plans and Pricing

You can’t drive traffic without a website.  Customers find you on the web.  Our entry-level plans make it easy for you to get started, then we can help you grow as your business grows.  ItGresa is your IT department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
It all depends on complexity and changes.  We can have a basic website ready in a week or less.  Longer sites take longer, up to 4-6 weeks.  If your ideas are strong, your content is organized, and you know what you want, we can give you an online presence quickly.  If not, don’t worry!  We’ll work with you, help you develop your ideas and your content, and tweak it until you’re happy!
What is your customer satisfaction policy?
It’s very simple:  we’re not happy until you’re happy.  We’ll work with you as long as it takes.
What do you mean by images? Can you give us some guidance?
Many images pulled down from the web are copyrighted.  Using other people’s copyrighted images can put your website (and your business) at risk.  Images provided by ItGresa come from a service with full usage rights.  You can also use images that are yours.  We will load up to 50 images provided by you at no charge. We use three main formats:  JPEG, PNG, and less frequently, GIF.  GIF are useful if you have small animations.  JPEG’s are useful for almost all situations.  You almost can’t go wrong with JPEG’s.  PNG’s are great for smaller images with a lot of detail.  PNG’s also support transparent backgrounds. Images should not be too large.  Large images will automatically be sized down on the web, but large images will take much longer to load.  If you know the number of pixels in your section, size the width to match your section. Usually 80% quality is sufficient for most displays. Always process your images before you provide them to us.  We use 3 aspect ratios:  16:9, 4:3, 3:4.  If you have trouble with this, we can help you set them up optimally for your website.  Here is an aspect ratio calculator for you to use:  https://calculateaspectratio.com Here are some tips for sizing your artwork:  http://www.1dogwoof.com/10-tips-best-image-size-blog/   Use the following table for sizing: Full page width (single column):  1080 pix Half page (2 column): 510 pix 1/3 page (3 column): 320 pix 1/4 page (4 column); 225 pix 2/3 page: 700 pix 3/4 page: 795 pix Here are dimensions for the 16:9 aspect ratio. 1 column: 1080 x 608 ¾ column: 795 x 447 ⅔ column: 700 x 394 ½ column: 510 x 287 ⅓ column: 320 x 181 ¼ column: 225 x 128 Here are dimensions for the 4:3 aspect ratio: 1 column: 1080 x 810 ¾ column: 795 x 597 ⅔ column: 700 x 526 ½ column: 510 x 384 ⅓ column: 320 x 241 ¼ column: 225 x 170
What's the design process?
Our first step is to better understand your business needs and goals.  Spend some time with one of our designers telling us what you want to accomplish with your website, and for your business.  The more we know about what outcomes you want, the better we can make your website meet those needs. Think about elements we can use to tell your story.  Do you have some great pictures that illustrate your business?  Do you have statistics or numbers that help make your points?  How about social media?  Do you want to direct your viewers to a Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn page?  Videos can be very effective, but should be used sparingly.  Are you willing to do a regular blog, or would a portfolio of your work be effective?  Do you have customer testimonials? Contact information and an “About” page are must-haves for many websites.  If your goal is to have clients reach you, letting them reach out via a contact form is very important. We have a checklist that you can use to help drive the design process.  You can access it here:  Design Info
What's my time commitment to get a website that I love?
The answer is, it depends.  Most clients can have a fabulous website with only a couple meetings.  The stronger your vision and the more complete your content, the less you’ll need to be involved. Our team of experts will spend as much time as we need to make sure you get a website you are proud of.

I'm Ready!

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